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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Just One Wish

I just finished the novel "Just One Wish" by Janette Rallison. Upon completion I had to send a Thank you e-mail off to the author. This book made me laugh out loud and brought me to tears. This book made me feel the story as if I were a part of it. Briefly, it is a story of a sister, who in coping with her younger brother's cancer diagnosis, does everything and anything to bring to pass her brother's one wish.
I have two brothers who have both had head injuries. I don't need a wish, because they are both still here today and even though at times they drive me towards insanity I am so grateful to still have them in my life.
I also have two sisters whom I love dearly and hope to be like. They have both gone through pregnancy and child birth multiple times and even though I know that it is not as dangerous as it use to be, pregnancy and child birth is no picnic. I have been blessed with eight nieces and nephews, with another on the way and my sisters are two of the best mothers I know.
This summer my family will gather for a reunion and having my entire family together for three days will be crazy, but will fulfill the wish of my parents and will remind me of my lack of need for a wish at all. For my family is whole, eternal and happy.
Thank you Janette Rallison for a wonderful work of words and for opening my eyes to a wish already fulfilled.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Here Comes The Sun

No matter how dark the night, or long the winter the sun will come again. No matter how forgetful of a blogger I am, my blog will always be there waiting for my return. For those few who see and perhaps read my blog you will notice the changes to background, profile photo, and many other little details; I have attempted to brighten my blog, to make it more appealing in appearance. From the description and then the lack of posts it is abundantly clear that I am a horrible journal keeper, but I do try over and over again, like the sun. Here's to another try.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Suprise Birthady Party

While in Alberta, my elder sister and her family threw me a surprise birthday party. They did this due to the distance between where we reside that makes it impossible to be together for my actual birthday.
They went all out with decorations, a banner, a Orange iced cake, presents, and made a birthday to remember.

Mini Adventure: Canada Day Parade

RCMP [Mounties]

I recently returned from Alberta, Canada where I visited my elder sister and her family, (1 niece & 2 nephews). While I was visiting we attened the Canada Day Parade. Here to view are a few of the captured moments.

1 Niece & 2 Nephews
Demonstarted their Canadien Spirit

My Elder Sister & Her Family
Viewing the Parade and Chilling in the Heat,
with thrown Freezies